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The Sandersonian Institute of Cosmere Studies

Dec 18, 2019


The Amy Takeover is at hand!

Okay, not really, but Amy's taking the lead in this episode as the SICS crew explores several of the romantic relationships across the Cosmere and discusses how Brandon Sanderson has evolved his writing style regarding romance over the years. Join us as we talk about power...

Dec 4, 2019


Let's take a peek into the future! In this episode of The Sandersonian Institute of Cosmere Studies, join Bill, Amy, and Jordan as we discuss the Chapter 1 preview of Rhythm of War that Brandon Sanderson sent out in his November newsletter. We've still got another year until Book 4 in The Stormlight...

Nov 21, 2019


And now, for our very first episode where we aren't just reviewing a book! We are doing an autopsy on the scene where Kelsier takes on the Steel Inquisitor! It's Jordan's favorite scene in all of the Cosmere and we are going to burn some tin and examine the ash out of this scene!


This episode's show...

Oct 30, 2019


And finally, almost a year and a half since we started, we've made our way through all the major works of the Cosmere! (Hush, Jordan!) Today, we discuss the latest piece that Brandon Sanderson has published within the Cosmere, Volume 3 of his graphic novel, White Sand. We explore the conclusion of this...

Oct 16, 2019


Do you know what we love? How rich the worlds that Brandon Sanderson creates are. In today's episode, we're diving into some of the cool side stories that he's written in order to make Roshar feel that much more alive! That's right, we're taking a look at the Interludes from Oathbringer, the third (and...