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The Sandersonian Institute of Cosmere Studies

Dec 23, 2020


And another Koloss Head-Munching Day has come and gone! But with that special day comes another State of the Sanderson report from Brandon, and the SICS hosts are here to talk about it! So join us for our discussion about what Brandon's been working on, what he's planning for the next year, and what...

Dec 9, 2020


It's time to dig deeper into Rhythm of War, the latest entry in The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson! Bill unfortunately couldn't be there for this episode, but Amy and Jordan are ready to dive in and discuss Shallan and Adolin's story arc.


This episode's show notes can be found here:

Nov 25, 2020


Talk about an emotional roller coaster! All three SICS hosts powered through Rhythm of War to bring you our reactions as soon as possible, and boy, do we have some thoughts to discuss! So join Bill, Amy, and Jordan as we dig through our initial reactions to Rhythm of War, Book 4 in Brandon Sanderson's...

Nov 18, 2020


"You know, you don't act like a scientist... You're more like a gameshow host."  

It's time! It's here! Rhythm of War was just released, but right before that happened, the SICS crew, along with Aaryan from The Worldhopper's Guide to the Cosmere, got together for a championship round of Rhythm of War...

Nov 11, 2020


There's so much to talk about in the Cosmere right now that the SICS crew put out a special bonus episode! We wanted to make sure we had a chance to discuss Dawnshard on the show before Rhythm of War comes out next week! So join us as we talk about the voyage of the Wandersail into...