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The Sandersonian Institute of Cosmere Studies

Dec 22, 2021

It's time for Koloss Head-Munching Day again, and that means another State of the Sanderson report from Brandon and Team Dragonsteel! So come join the SICS hosts as we pick apart this year's mega-communication to geek out about new announcements and speculate about what else could be coming down the pipeline.



Dec 8, 2021

Dragonsteel MiniCon 2021 is in the books, and the SICS crew had a blast! In this episode, Bill, Amy, and Jordan discuss what stood out to them. We met a lot of you listeners, and you were all amazing! Thanks to those who came by our booth, and if we didn't get to meet you this time, hopefully we'll meet you at a future...

Nov 24, 2021


Recorded live at Dragonsteel MiniCon 2021, this episode of The Sandersonian Institute of Cosmere Studies was much more free-flowing than others—a Q&A session where audience members presented their own aluminum foil hat theories. There was lots of fun discussion in a room full of Brandon Sanderson...

Nov 10, 2021


Taln is an absolute unit. You know it. We know it. So let's talk about Taln, his endurance, and some of the implications of a fact that Brandon revealed during an event this past July.

Also, be sure to come to our panels or stop by Booth #402 at Dragonsteel MiniCon 2021 and say hi! We'd love to meet...

Oct 27, 2021


It's creepy season, and we're covering a creepy topic! In this episode, the SICS crew discusses, and theorizes on, the Deathrattles from the epigrams of The Way of Kings.


This episode's show notes can be found here: