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The Sandersonian Institute of Cosmere Studies

Jul 17, 2024

Dawnshard is another example of Brandon's "shorter" work, and much like the rest of his "short" pieces, it's incredibly dense. There's a ton of character development, additional lore, answered questions and brand new mysteries! So what'd you think of it?


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Jul 3, 2024

For thousands of years, Roshar has been protected by the mysterious Oathpact. But what do we know about this arcane agreement? How does it protect Roshar? What oaths were involved? And what do we know of the ancient Heralds who made those oaths?


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Jun 21, 2024

Sorry we're late! Our editor was out of town!

Bill is out this week, but fortunately, Seth from The Cosmere Academy was willing to substitute teach! (A little "Institute/Academy" humor there...)

In this episode, Jordan, Amy, and Seth continue the Stormlight reread and take another look at Oathbringer. (Seriously, how...

Jun 5, 2024

In this episode, the SICS crew discusses an interesting conversation between Tress and the mysterious "Xisis" in the later chapters of Brandon Sanderson's Tress of the Emerald Sea. Who is Xisis? And how does one negotiate with a [REDACTED]?


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May 22, 2024


In this episode, the SICS crew discuss the Unmade, a group of entities who have been influencing Roshar for thousands of years. We do stray into a few mentions of important things that are revealed in the preview chapters of Wind and Truth that have been released, so be...