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The Sandersonian Institute of Cosmere Studies

Aug 30, 2023

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in the eyes of the SICS crew, Katie Payne's art is beautiful! And we're very fortunate, because this week, we got to interview her!

Katie is the talented artist behind the Secret Project bookmarks and a huge fan of the Cosmere. So join us for this interview where we ask her...

Aug 16, 2023

Food, glorious food! The SICS crew has rolled up their sleeves and attempted to cook a couple of recipes from the home planet of Brandon Sanderson's The Stormlight Archive. The recipes we used came from a series of articles that Tor posted, which you can find here:

  • Part 1:*

Aug 2, 2023

NOTICE: We had some technical difficulties recording this episode, and we ended up having to rely on our backup recording. That recording is, unfortunately, lower quality, so some of the audio levels and quality are a bit off. We hope you still enjoy the discussion, though!

Story time! Specifically, we're discussing...