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The Sandersonian Institute of Cosmere Studies

Dec 20, 2023

We've already dedicated an entire episode to Dragonsteel 2023 (not counting the episode we recorded AT Dragonsteel this year!), but we've still only scratched the surface! In this episode, the SICS crew focus in on the announcements made at the end of the convention by Emily and Brandon Sanderson (and there were some...

Dec 13, 2023

We were worried this would be lost media but thanks to Modulus16 we got some audio! Sorry for the lack of video. Regardless, this was all Bill's idea for the Cosmere Fantasy Draft. We had a great time and hope you enjoy it too!

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No show...

Dec 6, 2023

Dragonsteel 2023 was CRAZY this year! The SICS crew was there, and we had an absolute blast, and we're excited to talk to all of you about it! Also, hi to all the new listeners that we met at the booth! To all our listeners, new and old, y'all are AMAZING!!!


This episode's show notes can be found here: